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Dreamography is his first book. It is available on…and is among other things..a journal of the year in his life..two years after his stroke. All dreams were scrupulously recorded and obviously unedited. Then within 48 hours he would write a poem analyzing multiply..the various stories and affects he had to contend with and make sense of. What has come forward is strongly cinematic as Dr. Soghor demonstrates his approach to dreams as he turns even-handedly the magnifying glass and mirror on himself.

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The Dream

The Poetry

Tuesday morning August 16, 2016


Two brief snippets..poorly remembered.


In the first I'm watching..and maybe slightly participating in..some non-standard relay race. A young woman that is not a proficient participant receives a small ball..shaped like an ovoid cylinder. She awkwardly catches it..maybe with my help. And then a few of us aid her in planting it in the ground..which apparently counts for some part score..and also as a sort of time the dreaming shifts.


Now I’m watching a more standard horse race..though it has a little of a Ben Hur feel..with a wide arcing turn. I see that most of the horses have lost their jockeys..but the selection I’m betting on is one of the few where the jockey is still aboard..and I’m excited about my chances of winning. Then I notice that my jockey has dismounted..and is escorting a young child..who apparently had been with the a small the racecourse to safety. I understand the importance of his actions..but I’m disappointed that he’s sacrificed winning..our doing the early morning snippet fades.

Unseat Yourself


Can you imagine

how someone could

unseat himself..

just at a time where

he was about to capitalize on

how well he had run the race..

and prioritize instead

the escorting of a still young

part of himself..

through a dangerous place?


And as you’re asking..

how is that personal piece..

that needs protective accompaniment..

connected to the need to help

a surprisingly limited woman..

manage her own self-esteem?

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