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Dreamography: What It Exposes Especially About Men And Their Sexuality

Serial dreaming for men at any age would reveal the narrative themes that interweave and characterize the fuller nature of their sexuality. By following a year of the dreams of a man in his late seventies..many of those male sexual issues come to the fore. The specifics of my individual in the dreams..strongly provide an opportunity to the poetry..the universality of the various dilemmas that exist for men.

In tracking men’s..but of course also women’s dreams..I have a certain developed ability to a precise manner..what the several counter-current sexual stories are..and that are still showing up. Taken with their whole history..and present day to day occurrences..sexual and other..the descriptions of the themes..the conflicts..that continue to arise can be articulated in a non-superficial..non-politically correct..non-advice column way.

Though the analytic work is slow..and takes courage..the remodel that frequently emerges is a solid self-construction that can endure through the vagaries of life’s evolutions.

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