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Mission Statement - Excerpts From Dreamography

Sunday morning June 4, 2017

Two separate dreamings.

In the first I’m with one of the Kelly boys..and it’s more like Kieran..though in real life it might surprisingly be more like an interchange I've had with Declan. He’s asking me about the sexual interests..and beginning sex life..of a male friend of his. I start to formulate the way that he..Kieran..would have to slowly..incrementally..get into that kind of discussion with his friend. I seem to be advising him to at first clarify his friend’s attitudes..wishes..fears..toward girls..toward the actual girl that his friend is interested in. The approach seems to emulate the subtle..crafted..ways I personally go about encouraging information from my patients on their attitudes..wishes..fears..regarding sex. Remembering now the discussions I had with friends at that age..I contrast it with the seeming paradoxical care I take currently in those the snippet fades.

The second dream has me examining the bathtub again. I hear a jet of water running just beneath the porcelain edge of the tub..and then I see and feel a light spray related to that jet. I want to go tell Doris about it is confirmation of what the BH Water Department called us about. But when I see her shortly thereafter..she she occasionally does in these dreams..that she already knew about it..and it wasn’t my own the snippet ends.

Mission Statement

Why do I think I hear

more about the undercurrents

of male sexuality..

a male’s sexuality..

than most others?

Following incredibly closely

the sex lives of dozens..

with an access to

the puzzle pieces..

the puzzling pieces..

I follow a map

that gets obscured

by a host of other


My hope is that I have

the formulate..

the themes in that map..

that might even elicit

from females..

an ‘hmm..I didn’t

know about that’

But I moreover hope that

a mapping..would further influence

the understanding of their sex

with the men that I know..

and those that meet me

for the first time

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